LawPublicus is a leading journal of multidisciplinary research. It is a free, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that provides insight into diverse and dynamic legal matters. We are focused on helping law students get their exclusive research articles published and an avenue to the budding-lawyers, academicians and scholars to make a contribution to the legal arena.


LawPublicus is a novel initiative by legal minds. As the its name suggests, it is platform for young minds to ignite their willingness and inventiveness in order to contribute to the field of law through new ideas, opinions and thereby contributing to an informed citizenry.


Taking the example of our constitution (The Constitution of India), which in itself is a hybrid of law with various other social science aspects, LawPublicus is an attempt to analyse law and interdisciplinary approaches to law by drawing ideas from various domains like history, economics and social sciences. 


The forum is built up by legal minds from diverse fields of law under the oversight and encouragement of honoured legal fraternity.


We hope to provide a forum for young and enthusiastic writers to voice their feelings and research on interdisciplinary approaches. We also have in view to evaluate, explore and deliberate, under the tutelage of seasoned editors and academic experts, on current trends and projections based thereon in legal studies. LawPublicus focuses not only on the scholarly writings but also on numerous other approaches such as discussions, interviews, and debates with experts and qualified & industrial professionals. 


LawPublicus is a novel forum that intends to fit to and address the requirements of young law students, writers, and authors by providing them with a robust learning and interacting platform to facilitate law-related skills and to develop with continuing learning in the practical-side. 


We are determined and excited to bring authentic, creative and individual ideas and socially-related problems into attention.


We look forward to working with some visionary and exceptional minds inside the legal community.


LawPublicus calls for research papers, articles, short notes, book reviews & case commentaries, that are distinctive and unpublished.


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At LawPublicus, our team endeavours for the highest-standard and unique content by continually offering highly professional, conscientious and inventive content from this channel to the readers. The young and passionate team of legal-minds with legal experience work together to provide you with content of the highest-standard. 

We foster academic research and evoke people’s interest in exploring new fields of law, science, and industry. We strive to provide our content with top notch quality along with excellent support and service in the learning process.

In addition to encouraging learning and creativity, we also believe that an individual must be aware of all the latest developments in society and hence we keep them up to date by posting current affairs and opportunities on our website for students.



LawPublicus’ target is to provide everybody open and free access to legal databases. Our objective is to provide our readers with a unique content that can save time of all, from budding lawyers to scholars, in legal fraternity. There are similar platforms but we conclude that quality over quantity matters and many of them are charging fees or subscriptions, but we are free-accessible platform, publishing content, exclusive and top-standard, to boost legal literacy and awareness.

We aim to provide a channel for voicing opinions on legal-related topics, thus generating a cross-section of ideas on emerging issues.


“You may not be immediately benefited with learning and knowledge, but one day you’ll for sure ”