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Aftermath of the Covid-19 Outbreak in India

Author: Shreyansh Chhajer

Designation: Law Student

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The year 2020 has been a big reality check for human activities. Mankind had served enough of rough times for the mother-nature, and now it’s the times’ turn to hit us back. The outbreak of disease named Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, have known to aroused in the wet market of Wuhan, China after which scientist stated that it spreads from human to human very easily. The outbreak has caused a major loss of life across the Globe certainly the vaccine for the disease is awaited. The medical professional and scientist could propound one idea till the vaccine is made, that is social distancing. The world Governments applied it in their countries because it is the only solution as of now. The social distancing could only be implemented by imposing a complete lockdown. And governed by local authorities and police.

This lockdown is exempted for essential needs such as pharmaceutical companies, basic grocery items, etc. People are ordered to live in their houses and not to come out of their houses unless urgency occurs. The role of doctors, nurses, maids, home delivery persons, milk vendors, farmers, migrants, etc are pivotal and considered in the warrior category. The surroundings have seen major changes due to the lockdown amid coronavirus, the impact is both positive and negative.

The universal changes that affect society and social life such as clash of economy, zero tourism, virtual globalization, health, etc. unite the world to fight against the deadliest disease of COVID-19.

Following are the social impacts of lockdown due to covid-19:-

  1. Impacts on Tourism- All the countries have prohibited International flights and seaways to travel in other countries. This is exempted from bringing the people of ones’ country back for those who are stuck and willing to return to their homes. The Europian countries such as Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and countries like America, Germany, etc. gets a high sum of revenue from International tourism but due to cancellation of International flights and travel ban in many countries, the once so glorious tourist attraction places remain closed.

  2. Impacts on Religion- While the world is fighting a silent war against coronavirus, the religious verbal wars are at no stoppage. The gatherings of Tablighi Jamaat groups, or at temples and churches gathering of people, breaking social distancing norms, are symbols of condemning on religious activities in tough times where people are expected to remain indoors. The holy month of Ramadan followed by the Islamic community is a speed breaker for testing of covid-19 patients. Some countries are testing their citizens, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, for a safer side but Muslim women are denying giving test samples claiming it's bad in the holy month of Ramadan, and hurt their religious sentiments. Such issues where religion becomes a breaker in the war against the deadliest disease is a matter of concern for mankind itself, human need to introspect whether the practice of religion is facilitating a better place to live in or creating chaos and loses lives of so many innocent people. The lockdown and its purpose of social distancing shall be followed over any religious practice because life is valuable.

  3. Impact on the homeless and refugees- The people who were already striving for a two-meal a day, footwear, clean water are expected to have masks and sanitizers and remain indoors, in tents where it's too suffocating without fans or watercoolers or air conditioners. Those people without proper homes and are surviving in tents on borders with already famine situations are fighting the toughest battles. The refugees who already lack basic needs to survive, even clean air and water are spreading positivity by celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with utmost generosity by sharing the limited food one has with others. They are the live examples of ‘religion and festivals are all about spreading happiness’. The other homeless people are helped by the government and other NGOs, but the concern is for how long? Why the government is taking steps for the homeless when it’s a spreadable, life-taking disease? Is it because the upper class will question the government? The answers are multiple, but the time is focused on weaker sections of our society not just when the disease approaches but also in normal conditions, because they are the ones who make our lives easier by working in some heat wrenching activity such as maids, migrant workers, builders, construction sites, etc.

  4. Dependency on technology- The norms of social distancing must be followed to save ones’ and others’ life and therefore going out is prohibited, except for medical purposes and other emergency situations. The other need such as for banking, TV or mobile recharges, shopping, education, marketing, financing, advertising, and entertainment must be duly done through online mediums. The common people have to cope-up with technology and techno-friendly gadgets. It might create problems for beginners who are not used to the internet, smartphones, or laptops but this is the initiation for using technology and making it a part of daily life.

  5. Offences due to technology- The more usage of techno-friendly gadgets and the internet have a high probability of hacking accounts and committing offences such as cyberstalking, virtual raping by publishing nudes, and uttering words that offend the sentiments of a community. The cybercrimes and money laundering by hacking bank accounts might rise. Other crimes such as spreading fake news through social media, attacks on data privacy, tracing locations and contact numbers commit offences such as torturing and blackmailing, coercing, etc.

  6. Impact on the environment- The increased use of the internet for education and work from home purposes reduces the use of paper, therefore the deforestation slope will go down. People are choosing kitchen gardening as a hobby and using the compost manure, kitchen compost for growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The deforestation is decreasing due to no work on construction sites.

  7. Clean Air- The lockdown and increased home-delivery sources have tended the least use of private vehicles. The total ban on airlines and other public transport such as cabs, taxies, autorickshaw, buses, metros, trains, etc. have curbed the rise in pollution meter. The no work in most of the factories and industries, except for necessary items such as milk, pharma, eatables, are not piping out the harmful gases.

  8. Health Impacts- In a lockdown, people are choosing many hobbies due to the least professional work and decreased outing. One of such is yoga, Zumba, dancing, aerobics, etc, People are used to eating home-cooked food, fresh and healthy instead of junk food. The self-care routine is making the health and ones’ body a better place to live in. With clean air to breathe and sanitization of everything at home is a ritual these days. Washing of hands and using sanitizers and masks have tempted the focus on ones’ body and feeding of the soul in a better different way. It not only boosts physical health but also improves the well-being of mental health and gives utmost satisfaction.

  9. Impact on Education- Students are striving on their phones and laptops in between internet issues and connectivity. Most of them have no books or hardcopy of study material, because of traveling at home due to the sudden announcement of lockdown. The smaller kids of L-KG or U-KG are also allotted the id passwords for online lectures and learnings, the parents have to be more active for them. The board exams of class 10th and 12th have been postponed as it would create chaos and no social distancing norms would be followed by exchanging exam centers. The online lectures help in reducing mental stress and physical tiredness, boost more productivity and better responses in logics, but at the same time, it has its problems. As all the students are not techno-friendly and do not have full internet access, therefore students do get frustrated and switch the access due to buffering of audio and video. The question is whether the internet should be a fundamental right and given free of costs? This might demotivate the student to even log in to the lectures the next day. The private colleges are also promoting the students except for final years because they fear the lockdown might extend and one has to deal with the time. For the compensation to lose of studies and actual classroom learning of students, professors are putting hard efforts in giving research and survey works regarding the current situations and organizing the webinars and virtual competition on debates, moots, writings, etc.

  10. Increased Domestic Violence- Lockdown has created two situations at home one where families are loving and caring for each other and spending wonderful-quarantined time and others who are creating chaos and disturbances in household activities. People who are short-tempered or addicted to drugs, alcohol, or smoking gets frustrated when they don’t get it. Then they start beating their kids, wives, or bangs the utensils and breaks the peace in the house. The issue is due to lockdown one cannot even go to another place to live peacefully or even go out to buy the wine or cigarette.












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