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Ambedkar’s Idea of Future: The Ill used reservation tool

Author: Priyamvada Nema

Designation: Student


We observe that India was a land of collective feeling. Especially after the 1st war of Independence the “we” feeling In India was observed across the Indian community. This made the visions for a black future a near future to the colonial power. So to survive as a colonial power, the British misused the concept of Reservation, as proposed by Mahatma Phule, to break the developing trust of the communities. The British tactically used the feelings of the then-emerging Leaders, to their disposal. The leaders then disseminated their virtual feelings to their mass listeners. This chain reaction of ideological transfer went super fast and developed trenches like the communal electorate and divided India.

The British authority used it as a means and Turned the tables to favour their objective of making two weak nations. The British hence not only used Reservation as a tool to lure the minority community. The crevice made then still stands and at times widens due to contemporary issues. But the fault lines are of the past hence just filling today’s gaps is not the solution. But what was the reason for such a divide?

The basic tool which played the key role to keep this India divided was the reservation policy, Which though intended for a good cause was used as a tool by the British. The key at some time could have been welfare by the larger share was to serve the vicious commands of the British. The policy opined then is still utilized to create the “mass divide”. The system originally embedded in the constitution was for a dream of United India not to create a divided India in the name of caste, creed, gender, religion.

The policy witnessed today, rather than the demand of reservation today, defeats the very India of Ambedkar’s reservation. In which the just social order and the level playing field are what reservation is said to enforce. But instead, it is now used as a term to bypass merit. The essence of the British idea of Reservation can still be smelt.

But is India on the right track of Unification or the verge of reservation disintegration?

Is the question well thought now?

The Ambedkar’s Jayanti today demands not only remembrance of him but also revisit Ambedkar’s reservation dream. Which is, the original Idea of Mahatma Phule, the dream and idea to by the way of reservation make a level and united India. An aspirational future India as a plate full of ideas and not cries of inequality.

The Idea of Reservation carries with itself many scars of the past, so now a change In dimension has started. Intellectuals and scholars now term it as Positive affirmation and other such terms which tries to reiterate Ambedkar’s reservation. This could hence be just a first step to remove reservation but it’s a big leap for India’s Future.

The transition of which could be first, the demand of reservation initially changing to need for reservation and then, a time where reservation is eradicated and merit serves it all is what the future awaits.











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