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Analysis of Drugs Consumption and its Effects on Society

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Drugs have been one of the issues that have caused fear in our society and in our world as well. Every minute watching television or listening to news there is something related to Drugs or other negative aspect in our world. Watching television shows or movies related to Drugs creates a sense of using drugs and also experimenting with drugs. The reason why people are taking drugs differs from person to person.

Its uses / consumption and effect:

For many years people have been using drugs for medicines, therapies and other recreational use.

By recreational drugs - here it means Marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin. Each of them has different effect. They work by changing the brains chemistry, which in turn remodel the person’s consciousness. Each of them has different effect on different people. Marijuana relaxes people and makes them hungry. While ecstasy gives the sensation of excitement and exhilaration, taking too much makes people panicky and hallucination.

Drugs in our society:

The drugs reports in the medical history of British India collection reveal the 19th century controversies over indigenous drugs used for cultural and religious purposes and man-made medicines use to improve surgery. India has been a world producer of legal drugs for pharmaceutical markets, it also has an ancient and ceremonial ritual uses.

In America, when Christopher Columbus discovered America since then drugs has been used in American society. The Native American people gave him a taste of the first drug of tobacco. Later in time alcohol and caffeine became a new addiction. The influence that drugs have on us has been impacting our society greatly in the past few years. Drugs can be found almost everywhere especially where teens are in high school, grad students or at parties, it not only makes them addictive towards drugs but also involves them in other criminal activities, involving in drugs racket and also they are involved in distribution of drugs. Drugs create a web among people and they try to attract more and more people towards them.

Drugs are the most significant problem facing young people in the society because it ruins everything, studies, career, heath, life etc. Regrettably, many teens consider experimenting with drugs and alcohol to be an important part of growing up, despite the significant risk and many disastrous consequences.

Drugs have ruined people mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes it’s just too late for them to find help after they have overdosed. According to NDIC (2006) the economic cost of individual who abuse drugs in the US has cost our economy $180.9 billion yearly. This is not just due to health issues but the cost justice system and other related issues that come with drug use. One of the saddest factors for drug abusers is the children that grow up in horrific situations. They are too often neglected and lack proper immunization, medical care dental care, and basic necessities.

Risks for children become even higher if parents or guardian manufacture drugs. This can have an enormous impact on economy is loss of economic productivity. When drug users are unable to maintain work or lose their jobs they become a burden on the income maintenance in our society and productivity may decrease.

Our youth are the future of society. Watching them fall into this dark pit of drug addiction is the last thing that we need. With the help of open communication, observation, and positive mindset, we as adults can prevent cases.


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