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Are CCTV cameras in Public places effective or just an invasion of privacy

Author: Fiza Firdaus Ansari

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“The crime and the acts committed in the public must be watched by the eye of Technology”.

Just like we want our home to be secured the people and government wants their Nation to be secured and for the protection we need to look after our citizens and hence, this is not possible to look after every citizen of a country with an one Eye. So, our government has decided to use CCTV's cameras for this job. Whenever people are out of their homes for shopping, movie, clubbing, traveling there is one Eye who is watching them all the time that is “The eye of Technology”. The eye of cameras gave a blow of downfall to the crimes and harmful activities in the public. And, if a doubtful person or an unattended bag is seen or capture in a particular area then the legal authorities will clear that place immediately, before any damage occurs to anyone. If we look at the broader picture the CCTV's cameras is there to provide safety and security to people it’s not an invasion to somebody is privacy as it is not in the repetitive hotels room or in a bathroom as we know these area’s are private place for everyone.

The CCTV's cameras also reduces the crime and the harmful acts rates, as this is because if a person knows that he/ she is continuously monitored under somebody’s Eye; then there will be more less chances to indulge in a criminal activity. And recently the Police Hyderabad given the statement of reduction in the crime rates by 14% at the places where there are CCTV's cameras and, if a person is captured in a monitor and he/she commits crime then the criminal can be identified with the help of CCTV's camera as it capture the facial picture of that particular person and the evidence of cameras footage is more stronger than any other medium in the court.

And the best thing about CCTV’S cameras are they work at night also and at the places where there is no medium of light as they have an IR function which captures the offence even with darker times.

As most of a country are becoming technological and smarter these days and a CCTV camera will play a significant role in improving lives of people in the public areas.





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