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Data privacy and Protection in UAE: an overview

Author: Krish Bhatia

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On 25th MAY 2018, the overall knowledge Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. This EU regulation aims at unifying knowledge protection rules and procedures across the ECU Union and protecting people’s personal knowledge from breaches targeting it and its privacy – as a part of it's being processed within Europe or round the world.

In recent years, it had been noticed that UAE had joined loads of states within the geographical area and geographical region for popping out new legislation relating to knowledge privacy. per UAE, it sounds like it's an encouraging step towards a framework for organizations to follow towards their personal knowledge. Loads of UAE firms and businesses are unit considering this new EU regulation and distinctive whether or not they fall inside its scope of application. In contrast to different countries, the UAE doesn't have “on-point” legislation that regulates the protection of non-public knowledge. However, knowledge privacy or protection of non-public knowledge is in truth self-addressed in various provisions across totally different laws and rules. They're various as a result of these provisions is also a part of laws published by the centralized, or the govt of every Emirate, or Free-Zone Authorities, or a part of directives and directions issued by native restrictive Authorities (such because the Telecommunications administrative unit or Health Authority in the city and Abu Dhabi).

The UAE doesn't have a comprehensive knowledge protection law at its federal level, however, there are a variety of laws in situ that govern privacy and knowledge security within the UAE. There are sector-specific knowledge protection provisions in sure laws. The UAE additionally features a variety of special economic or sector free zones, 3 of that have specific knowledge protection laws. the city International monetary Centre, the United Arab Emirates' capital world Market, and also the city Health Care town.

How are organizations affected in UAE?

The UAE is coming into the fifth-generation era in a very bid to modify swift and coordinated responses to cyber incidents. knowledge protection laws exist already in economic hubs like the city International monetary Centre (DIFC) (since 2007) and United Arab Emirates' capital world Market (since 2015). a brand new knowledge protection law is presently being planned for DIFC in 2020. to market moral knowledge sharing, the planned knowledge protection law combines a spread of leading knowledge protection laws, together with the GDPR and also the American state client Privacy Act.

In conjunction with in-progress legal efforts, the city Chamber of Commerce and trade hosted a workshop earlier this year that targeted the legal aspects of knowledge privacy and protection within the emirates. Organizations within the UAE should learn regarding the legal and sensible aspects of information privacy and be ready to stick to data privacy best practices.

Furthermore, the UAE’s Telecommunication administrative unit (TRA) has launched a 2020-2025 National Cybersecurity Strategy which has crucial aspects of information privacy; a national-level data protection law might follow presently. Such law would come with maintaining a register of knowledge controllers and implementing rules upon them whereas upholding the privacy rights of people.

It is vital to notice that everyone in UAE industries process international client knowledge which is already wedged by the GDPR and different international privacy laws. If a corporation within the UAE processes personal knowledge and offers products or services to people primarily based within the EU, they're needed to be compliant with the GDPR. Similarly, this is applicable to organizations within the UAE that have an institution within the EU and area unit process personal knowledge therein establishment.

In the current context of Covid-19 and also the speedy setup of work-from-home solutions, the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation adopted Resolution N. 281 of 2020 on twenty-nine March 2020. This needs the UAE’s non-public sector to make sure of a secure technological atmosphere, by perceptive rules associated with maintaining knowledge privacy and confidentiality and limiting users’ ability to enter sure systems.

There are a lot of specific provisions below totally different laws regulating the proper to privacy below a particular circumstance, made public as below:

UAE Constitution:

The Constitution of UAE offers the proper freedom to speak through the post; the law shall secure telegraph and different communication suggests that confidentiality and privacy are identical.

UAE Civil Code:

Federal Law variety five of 1985 confirms and licensed a personal WHO had to suffer a wrongful infringement of rights to own the proper to hunt compensation. In addition, AN outlawed invasion of the proper privacy provided below the constitution constitutes a wrongful act permitting the victim to hunt damages.

UAE Criminal Code:

The law forbids someone having personal data to reveal it within the property right, although it's true and failure to abide by this law can invite imprisonment and/or a fine. The law any involved company entities and their administrators or partners is command chargeable for revealing any confidential knowledge.

Cyber-Crime LAW:

In 2012 UAE government issued Federal Law variety five of 2012 to majorly regulate the misuse of any electronic data, including, however not restricted to, hacking, personification, fraud, phishing, and different internet-related crimes.


To conclude, it seems that the recent amends within the cyber-crime law and also the intention of providing a brand new knowledge defending law can protect the individual interest on a global level. with all, there are multiple queries in such regard, which may solely be answered upon the discharge of the law and its implementation. In a very broader sense, the information law can defend personal data and can enable the discharge of non-personal information in a very legal approach.









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