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Delhi High Court Avers: You can't read a newspaper and file a PIL on its basis; impose costs also

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday (9th December 2020) imposed Rs 20,000 costs on a PIL-petitioner seeking "proper online classes" in schools in the matter of Anti-Corruption Council of India Trust vs DoE.

In the respective PIL, the petitioner was, Anti-Corruption Council of India Trust. In the petition it was also alleged that the schools were "over-charging" fees from students and denying classes to defaulters.

Matter came up before the Division Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan. However the Hon’ble Bench refused to entertain the petition.

The Court described the petition a bogus, and further questioned,

"What do you mean by proper? What education are you expecting? Tomorrow you will file a contempt saying this is also not proper?"

The Court explained,

"These are vague terms.. if any school is running online classes, it is very easy to say that it is not proper classes."

The Court further added, that you cant read a newspaper and file a PIL in court, when being informed that the basis of the PIL was a newspaper report only.

It was recorded that the petitioner had failed to give any details or particulars with respect to the allegations levelled by him and that the petition was filed "without any homework".

The Court dismissed the petition with costs of Rs 20,000 as a conclusion to the PIL, declaring that the petition was preferred for publicity,











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