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Legality of Lockdown: Right Step or Not

Author: Ayushi Singh

Designation: Law Student

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World has never faced such type of health emergency conditions before. The lockdown is not a legal term. Lockdown has been imposed in many parts of the world, country’s like the US,UK, and Australia are observing lockdown because there is no other way to stop the COVID 19.

India is also observing lockdown looking after the deteriorating conditions of spreading the virus. Lockdown is totally different from curfew. It means restrictions on the movement and services. The pandemic was not foreseen, so did the lockdown. The idea of lockdown is derived and invoked under section 144 of CrPC OR maybe the evolution of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 and Disaster Management Act, 2005. Staying home is needed for an hour to stop the coronavirus. The legality of the lockdown has not been explained by the government so far. But lockdown was much needed. There were instances that the police hit people and compelled people to stay home. The government released the guidelines to ensure that no problem should arise. Such conditions arose due to the seriousness of the restrictions to combat viruses. In this lockdown many people have lost their jobs and are suffering. Migrant workers' condition became worse because of unplanned lockdown. Workers are fleeing the cities on the account of failure of the state government to provide monetary help, shelter & food.

The rights of workers are at risk. Under what authority things are done? The government is more concerned about the lives of the people . Lockdown may be legal or illegal still helping people not to get infected through contacts. People demand better healthcare facilities and better machinery to combat the pandemic.

Now, the government has provided ease after months of lockdown. People are coming out of homes for the chores which are really essential, the schools and colleges are opening with higher restrictions. People are cautiously moving forward with the pandemic, almost a year passed in the pandemic, we realised the importance of our lives, we stayed at home for ourselves and for the public. The work from home culture came into being after the lockdown to resume the work conditions and balance in the work system. We are heading at the end. It seems the pandemic will lose its impact after the advent of covid vaccine. Everyone worked hard, especially the frontline health workers, policemen and the teachers. The pandemic made people sit at home but there were people who came out for the help of the poor and people who were stuck in different cities.

Lockdown and protests, the year 2020 marked the year of protest in Indian context, started with CAA & NRC protests, Shaheen Bagh protests and the farmers protest at the end, the protest is still going on under the Farmers Bill. The people are protesting amid lockdown in India, the disheartening Delhi riots happened the year was unfortunate, the economy went into recession with -23.9 GDP which was the worst part of the lockdown. The year 2020 for India was the year of lockdown, labour issues, migrant workers migration, unemployment, recession, farmers protest. The positive things about it are that people unified to work as a unit to fight the pandemic, and emerged as covid warriors.













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