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Nepotism- a legal discrimination to be sorted out?

Author: Swathi R

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Nepotism is a kind of favouritism that exists in every field of the world like politics, business, cinematic field etc. where talent is subordinate lineage are dominated by family cartels. It's like a heritage that comes along like a culture and a mother tongue by birth. If only privileged youngsters can survive in every field then what about the people with talent and a poor economy? Isn't it a big question for a future welfare country? We are failing by looking up a person's wealth and popularity rather than looking up to productive, innovative and talented people for the field. It is also a form discrimination that should be prohibited strictly in the coming Era.

There is an unknown reservation for their own genetic materials like they are born to progress what their parents do or done. Justification for nepotism is based upon how we perceive it. In a developing country like Ghana nepotism is simply considered as a human nature and such developed countries like Italy, nepotism will not exist until they possess higher education. The only way to stop nepotism is when it turns out to be illegal rather than called out as unethical and immoral.

Nepotism- a natural tendency:

A queen bee, for example, selects individual workers to stay inside or outside the queen’s cell based on her preferential genotype. For humans, nepotism also operates in any social classes and influences how people determine other socioeconomic rankings based on their preference on skin colours, looks and style. Nepotism starts early. It begins with parents’ favouritism towards their children. This kind of favouritism is embedded in the children’s unconscious mind and will influence their future behaviour. Similar cases also happen in government bureaucracy where many people are selected based on personal validation instead of quality and qualification. As long as the selected individual fulfils the qualification, they consider nepotism an acceptable act.

Nepotism - 2020:

The nepotism debate has resurfaced again after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death investigation. Many actors, including A-listers such as Kangana Ranaut, have been vocal about its prevalence in the industry, and how it thwarts the chances of many talented artists. Fans, too, have joined the conversation.

Movie-goers, fans and admirers of the late actor have taken to social media to vociferously protest against the injustice meted out to some actors from certain ‘Bollywood gangs’.

Pages such as ‘Nepotism Hood’ have been created to give voice to the moment that calls for justice. Recently, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl starring Janhvi Kapoor and Alia Bhatt- Sanjay Dutt-starrer Sadak 2 faced serious online pushback for their star cast following nepotism charges. In an interview with TNIE, famed actor Naseeruddin Shah commented on the nepotism debate. He said, “Many actors who are complaining about being cheated of a film here and there, are quite successful now and lead comfortable lives. What are they complaining about? Yes, just like in any other industry, there are camps here too, but to blame all the ills on nepotism is absurd.”

Only the talented strike gold While people might get a good initial platform for entry, only the talented make it big. There is a long list of movie stars that include big names – Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Tapsee Pannu, and in the South Nithya Menen, Sai Pallavi, Vijay Deverakonda, to name a few – who are all ‘outsiders’ who have made it big on their own mettle.

He adds,

“I believe it all depends on the talent and the right time.” Not just in the film world Favouritism, privilege, nepotism, and cronyism are seen in every industry and it’s not just an entertainment world ‘problem’.

Even as there is no replacement for hard work and constant innovation to keep up with the times, it does provide an initial edge. Adding that the only way to be successful is through hard work and passion, he adds, “There is no short cut to success.”


And here we are to get a conclusion about the nepotism in the world and how we should see it. Though, getting everything by heredity can be an easy one but making it to a constant stay is what the real challenge is. For an example: if a child of a popular actor or a director comes into the industry and starts his/her career can be an easy thing. But winning in that opportunity is the biggest challenge they face. Nothing is easy in this world to get. Every person has got their own struggle and hardships.” although it is inherited,

“It has been a huge learning curve to take over and transform the position and opportunity of what we got, into what it is today. It won't be easy! And here what we need to note is, apart from a success or an outsider is a talent and our behaviour (our very own disciplined behaviour) towards others.

Whether they fail or succeed , basically they're human beings with the basic human rights to be treated in a right manner and with due respect. Apart from seeing a person from a family background I plead people to look out for their talents and hardwork. However no one is going to accept someone who is not acting so well, carrying a business in a wrong way which leads to a loss, and even the government officials who're not performing their duty so well. It's either their talent and non-profit motive or profit-motive and untalented.























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