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Plea in SC for release of journalist arrested by UP police while covering Hathras incident

A habeas corpus petition has been filed before the Supreme Court seeking release of Kerala based journalist Siddique Kappan after he was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police on October 5 while covering Hathras incident.

Kappan was arrested on October 5 at a toll plaza near Hathras in Uttar Pradesh while he was on his way to cover the horrific gang-rape and subsequent cremation of a 19-year-old Dalit woman.

As per the reports, Kappan, along with three other journalists, Atiq-ur Rehman, Masood Ahmed and Alam, were detained by the UP police at Hathras toll plaza on October 5, alleging links to the Popular Front of India.

The plea has been filed by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists through Advocate Shweta Garg.

It has been contended in the petition that journalist Siddique Kappan was illegally arrested on October 5 with a view "to obstruct him from discharge of his duty as a journalist". The plea further contends that the arrest was in violation of the guidelines laid by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in D.K.Basu v. State of West Bengal.

Calling the arrest illegal and unconstitutional, the petitioner union has seeked immediate release of Journalist Siddique Kappan, a contributor to online Malayalam news portal "Azhimukham".









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