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Reinventing the Role of Teachers at the time of Pandemic

Author: Ragini Agarwal

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There has been a change in perspective on the status of instructors in post-1990s India. With the rise of new monetary requests, instruction establishments, structures, and educators' pictures have seen some significant changes. The arrangements under the Right to Education Act (RTE Act)2009 had expressed a few standards to universalize training making quality instruction available to all offspring of the age gathering of 6-14 years. Aside from giving sufficient and fundamental infrastructural offices, the presentation of subject astute educators and guaranteeing Pupil-Teacher Ratio (1:30 in Primary and 1:35 in Upper Primary level) are the significant arrangements under the RTE Act 2009.

Anyway following 10 years of execution of the Act the instructive situation gives an exceptionally desolate picture of roughly 10.1 Lakh opportunities of the educators. Notwithstanding the empty posts of the instructors, 13.1% of educators are working with the public authority schools on an authoritative premise. Educators' accessibility for the understudies is essential for the major right to training and similarly significant for quality schooling and understudies maintenance. Instead of requesting enrollment of instructors, barely any offices and people advocate for easy non-public schools. As per an article composed by Jain and Dholakia in 2009, the last option is Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in which ease suppliers of school instruction who pay a lot of lower pay rates cover a huge piece of school training. A huge number of under-qualified and came up short on educators is utilized by low charge tuition-based schools that are controlled by little and enormous undertakings.

Teachers are not provided with necessities like stationery, books, and other teaching materials. Therefore, even with this kind of facilities teachers of the rural area need to prove themselves by having the best results which are not at all justified. Till date in many Government schools, there is a facility of internet, computers, library, etc.

Instructor preparing organizations all over the nation keep on leftover in a terrible shape.18.5% of perpetual Government educators and over 30% of transitory instructors have not acquired the expert capabilities needed under the Right to Education Act 2009. 90% of the competitors bomb the Central Teacher Eligibility Test. Non-attendance contacting 40% in most unfortunate states is a sign of a sorry situation. The arrangement of educators on authoritative premise with uncertain and low compensation has become a countrywide marvel. It is a grave worry to see the absence of any significant endeavors with respect to the state to fabricate a satisfactory emotionally supportive network for the educators alongside a youngster amicable learning climate. The hole in the connection between educators, guardians, and the bigger local area is seen widely in the nation over.

After the situation of COVID-19 online classes started to commence, which has brought different online platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., which is becoming very difficult for teachers as they are new to the platform and teaching pattern has become variant. Due to lack of resources and lack of knowledge about online platforms and teaching skills through video conferencing it is becoming more difficult to teach students and to fulfill the essential needs of teaching. Government schools are still far behind in infrastructure and basic facilities, In times of situations like COVID it is necessary to switch to online modes but if teachers are not provided with internet, computers, lack of online training how will they teach the students of our nation.

Teachers build the minds of students in the country, and where the biggest ratio is of the younger generation it becomes more important for our country to look at the situation of our education system, teachers, and students. Proper training of teachers and facilities should be provided by the government so that children of our nation could rise high and make our country a better place for upcoming generations.


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