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Responsibility Of State To Compensate People Dying Due To Lack Of Oxygen, stated Delhi HC

The High Court of Delhi directed the Delhi Government to file an affidavit within a period of 4 days, furnishing details of the patients who have died in hospitals and other nursing homes due to shortage of oxygen.

“We have to compensate people dying due to lack of oxygen”, the Hon’ble Court stated.

“The particulars of all such deaths i.e. the name of the patient; the ward/ rooms in which they were admitted; the time of death and; the reason for death should be indicated in a tabular form. The affidavit in this regard by filed within 4 days."

A division bench of Delhi High Court, comprising of Hon'ble Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli, while dealing with a plea concerning the present situation and shortage of medical oxygen supply in the national capital, directed the Government NCT of Delhi to make due inquiries and submit report as to such deaths.

The Court also directed to file an affidavit providing the status of liquid and gaseous oxygen and refillers by tomorrow morning. The Court also directed the Oxygen refillers to provide data on the government's portal.

On the issue of supply of medical oxygen to Delhi, the Court expressed that the Delhi Government vide order dated 22nd April failed to take into consideration all the gas refillers in Delhi, the Bench noted that although a substantial quantity is supplied to such gas refillers however no mechanism has been evolved to see that further supply is made by them to the hospitals.

The Court further directed the Oxygen refillers to provide data on the government's portal.











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