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Social Evil and Destruction over Vitals: Drug Abuse and Stringent Law

Author: Garima Jargar

Designation: B. A. LL. B(Hons.), 3rd Year, Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur

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Drug Abuse Connection related to crime: Addiction v. Abuse

Ubiquitous, illicit, and licit varied substances are under the phenomenon of pervasive way and in a negative trend over the circle of the vicious cause of public outcome among the health hazards. Using the pattern of notorious ability for changing the evidence over prevalence which has been calculated over the regional variation that has been quite evident. An area where the enormous type of implications of the public health that has been generated under the substantial diversion in the consumption matter.

Several modes of modalities within the survey of epidemiology that provide the information created by the different branches of issues like – poverty, unemployment, irresponsibility, and addiction over the problems which have been categorized into three components likewise economy, societal aspect, and mental impact. Social responsibilities have been curbing challenges for an attempt towards the legal statutes and elaborative evaluation of the policies related to the functioning of government for obtaining the proper inspection. Analysing the existing law the bifurcating over the policies or alliances of the government by trying to have an intense assist towards the centre as well as state government for providing the people with counselling towards the health-related condition, identification over the subject problem, treatment of the mishap, and rehabilitation over the addictions.

For the past two centuries and few decades, this particular time is the time tenure within which the nation is dealing with the defined issues and problems that should flow on the different scenario about the current traditions to modern society. They are almost widespread if related to the availability over the stringent for the enforcement of the anti-drug policies and the specified alliance, for the behaviour of the person in society. Within the international day against the drug abuse as well as illicit trafficking over the observation of the annually on the date of 26th June, the final judgment which was considered as the remarkable decision through the matter of resolution regarding the UNGA to the strong towards the global action for the cooperation for the achievement by aiming or classifying to make the society in national and international drug-free.

There was a quote which was elaborated in the internal health report as

“pleading for the justice-related to health can ultimately lead to the health regarding the society for the justiciable conduct”.

Legislative Policies, Significant aspects, and Immunity

During the independence or drug-dependence is a major social section or the issues which have been specified in many parts of the nation and the proximity by making a vulnerable decision related to the abuse. A casual use all along with the minuscule over the population within the permeated for the defined section, the incidence of the narcotics among the most vulnerable section in the society i.e. children and adolescent. Over the notable factual information of the population as within the time defined under the identified form, dynamically changes according towards the cultural values, increase in the stress regarding the economic changes that can be sum up though the act, manufacturing, cultivation, sale, possession, and trading for the product. Within the provision of Dangerous Drugs act, 1930 is presently relevant to the context especially on the statutory definition which elaborates – hemp, coca, opium, and all the varied type of by-products for manufacturing as well as distributing drugs (S. 2 – 14).

The Drug and Cosmetics Act, 1940 that has been regulated for the medical use stood strong but though after post-independence, the constitution adopted all the statutes by purview over the law and some obstacles which were faced by the anti-drug on the basic ground against the freedom related to trade and occupation of cultivators. The prohibited narcotic became more stringent when court as well as a legislature with the subordinating Article 47 of Constitution by endeavouring to prohibit the usage of drugs except for medical purpose. The evil side of the drug is not only creating shackles on the general idea of a better life but also acts as an impediment towards the development of the country. Over the legal framework which was considered in the present scenario to counter the abuse related to the drug on a solid level of foundation, a tonne more can be achieved by just effectively as well as efficient implementation of the existing law which should be streamlined over the defined procedure.


The quantum of offense which has been categorized under grave or serious nature, for that the punishment should be stiff which is cognizable and non-bailable. Relying on the quantity of the drug which includes – a little amount, more than a little, however not as much as the business criteria for a commercial or small amount which should be notified. A hasty segment over the enactment of passed under tremendous pressure but reasonable outline should be defined within the addiction.

The rigidity and strictness of the NDPS Act which can reveal the provision for granting capital punishment within the instances evaluate the changing policies but the measures are not been yet put into utilization. Reinforcing the connection among government divisions and reaching towards reaching the common representation or interest of the people living in society. Viable measures for the reformative aim of the legislation will go futile, even illuminating presences of the societal aspect or entity identification which brought towards recommendation over the changes in drug policies. The repercussion on the health-related condition that can inject drugs for helping with the stand for the biggest war against the abuse, as the transformation or principles that have been taken by the authority then the government genuinely tries for reaffirming the dedication should wipe out the drug crisis.










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