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Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability

Author: Arathy A.

Designation: BBA L.L.B Student, Co-Operative School of Law, Kerala

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Since early 1970’s, environmentalist are in the mainstay highlighting various environmental issues. Initially, they are a miniscule population but gradually become a movement. Such movements in various countries even form political parties such as Green Party having many parliamentary members in Germany, Australia, Hungary etc.

The earth is millions of years old and the various living beings in this world are evolved in course of time. The nature we are seeing today is different from what it was yesterday. Many species of plants and animals become extinct and new forms of species appear in the nature. It is so vast and vivid so that we could neither see the nature in the whole nor control the various forms of nature.

All living beings in this world have to exploit the nature for their survival and well being. In the fight for the survival of the fittest, only the better equipped and adaptable species survive that was the principle proposed by eminent scientist Charles Darwin. For human beings, they have to make their life better and stay in this world comfortably by utilising natural resources for their means. Under such circumstances, he has to harness various methods to control and defeat other living beings and to exploit the natural resources for his well being. Thus the various activities come into his life such as agriculture, shelter, clothing, taming of animals, making weapons, manufacturing tools, developing transportation and communication facilities.

For achieving the present situation, a very long period of time has elapsed and the sincere efforts and high thinking of many people was put to use. Thus by utilising various resources in this nature, the mankind develops.

The conservation of forests is essential for keeping the flora and fauna of the region, to maintain the environment of tribal people with their habitats, keeping the wildlife intact and to sustain the life of the forest irrespective of its usage for the benefits of the mankind.[1] A co-habitual situation is to be maintained that will help to retain the good old days with modern facilities.

In that long journey from mere nomads to civilised human beings, several discoveries and inventions were to be carried out. Medicines were developed for ailments and diseases and newer methods were invented to improve life expectancy.

Fuels like electricity, petroleum, natural gas etc. are required for making life better. Raw materials and ores are used to produce finished goods. For all this, natural resources that are available in this world is to be used. Since the only source of energy in this world is from the sun, and the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, various forms of energy and its conversions from one form to another is used in our day to day life. In this life cycle, we have to make storage dams for producing electricity and get enough water for irrigation in agricultural lands, as a source of drinking water for men and animals and to harness flood as well as drought and to overcome the scarcity of water in summer season etc.

When transportation improves and mobility increases, more and more vehicles using fossil fuels came into existence. The bad social habits and little care to the society bring in various types of pollutions, waste accumulations, green house effects, global warming etc. Many of the huge electricity generating companies become Non – Performing Assets due to the lack of availability of raw materials at cheap rates. Here, our thought should be get diverted to environmental protection and to keep the premises and the nature as a whole into a clean place for living. Judicious usage of God’s gift like air, water, sunlight, plants and animals around us will certainly make our life more comfortable and sustainable.

Everyone should be a law abiding person with good civic sense, self discipline and cleanliness. This will certainly make the nature more beautiful.[2] We cannot expect that the climate and weather conditions that got evolved in thousands and thousands of years can change in a very short period. All the forms of natural calamities are prevalent from time immemorial. Thinking a little deeper will convince us that with all our might, we are nothing before the nature’s fury and its inherent strength. We cannot control the natural forces and can only try to protect ourselves from such calamities.

The fear generated by the environmentalists on public mind is mostly false and with some peculiar motives. Some years ago, everybody was running behind ozone hole in the earth’s atmosphere, but now nothing is heard about it. Then come the conspiracy theories related to big bang theory and postulates related with black hole and God particle. But now, there are no new updated details on it. Many a scientists predict the total inundation of several cities around the world during the last fifty years, but nothing happens.

So, the unwanted fear generated by the so called environmentalists who are actually stalling the progress of the mankind is to be opposed. At the same time, judicious usage of resources available in the nature without pollution and damaging actions to the civil society as well as the fellow creatures will be helpful to make this world a better place for living.

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