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"When Humor surpasses the fine line and becomes a crime"

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Authors: Md. Sahil Tarafdar & Chitranan Saha

Designation: Students, Surendranath Law College at Kolkata.


"When Humor surpasses the fine line and becomes a crime"

"Kalkutta Komedians" is a renowned stand-up banner in Kolkata, whose owner, Raouf M. Gangjee has filed a criminal defamation suit against Daniel Fernandes on the basis of a YouTube video about “a chat with Aditi Mittal and Karunesh Talwar about heart-warming responses to our stand-up, sexism in Indian comedy and why some men hate feminists."

Fernandes, who is also an Indian comedian based out of Mumbai, is famous for his dark puns. His video went against Raouf wrongfully influencing about 1.85 lakh people and counting.

In this video, the accused spoke wrong and falsely made-up statements where Ms. Aditi Mittal and Karunesh Talwar forcefully wanted to portray Mr. Raouf M. Gangjee, as a misogynist, sexist, and a creep, which is not how things are. Maximum statements which were given by these comedians were false and manufactured to defame Mr. Gangjee.

Ms. Mittal, Mr. Talwar, and Daniel Fernandez, in the whole video, spoke against Mr. Gangjee and made comments which are subjected to mental harassment and character assassination.

Presently, the matter is pending before the Metropolitan Magistrate at Calcutta. The Ld. Counsel, "Sri Shayan Sachin Basu" for the petitioner, Raouf Gangjee is leading the case. He says

"It is of sub-judice matter, the court was pleased to issue summons to Daniel Fernandes and has been directed to appear before the court on the next date."






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