Volume 1 Issue 3


Authored by:

Nikitha Suresh

Student: 5th Year B.Com LL.B

Kerala Law Academy, Law College 

Email ID: Sureshgkumar18@yahoo.com


A Constitutional Perspective of the Right to Water

Water is essential for human life. In spite of this self‐evident consideration, constantly repeated in official publications, international campaigns, and political mobilizations, in the last 20 years there has been a heated debate about whether water should be explicitly acknowledged as a human right, and if this recognition can really make a difference in policies and practice. Under International human rights laws, water is protected as human right. Water is the most basic element needed for sustaining a human life... 


Co-Authored by:

Lucy Sara George

Student: 5th Year B.Com LL.B

Kerala Law Academy, Law College

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Authored by:

Divyansh Prakhar Singh

1st Year B.A. LL.B Student

Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida 

Email ID: Sinhaprakhar161@gmail.com


Drugs, Law and Society

We are familiar with the two faces of coin i.e. heads and tails similarly, the world is developing from one face and getting devastated on another. Drugs play an important role in this mishap. Drugs are something which can be defined as natural or synthetic substances that are used to produce physiological effects when taken orally or through injections into a body, but in modern context drugs mean something different to each person... 


Authored by:

Ashwin Rathan Kumar B

Alliance School of Law, Bangalore

Email ID: RashwinLL716@law.alliance.edu.in


An Analysis of the Legal Status of Private Military Companies

Private military companies (PMC’s) are not a novel development on the battlefield. However, in recent times and wars, their number and influence have increased. They carry out a variety of activities, from strategic support to military operations. This latter role poses issues surrounding the applicable laws in particular. At first sight, you might think of classical mercenaries in battles. But several PMC's work out service activities in the meantime to keep the army going.... 


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New Dimension of Judicial Review of the Constitutional Amendments

(A study with special reference to Article 31A, 31B and 31C read with 9th Schedule of the Indian Constitution )

Judicial Review is the part of the basic structure of the constitution , As in the Indian constitution Article -13 Talks about the judicial Review . New dimension to the judicial review is given in various landmark judgements, As judicial Review gives power to the court to look upon the grey side of any law which is reviewed judicially As Art-32 And Art-226 the Supreme court and High-court are having such powers.... 


Authored by:

 Nishi Chaudhary

Designation: 4th Year B.Com LL.B Student at Banasthali vidyapeeth

Email ID: nishic30@gmail.com


Farmers' Protest Amidst the Pandemic With Analysis of the Recently Introduced Farm Laws

Who is a farmer:- A farmer is a person who grows crops in their fields and provides it to all the people that’s why we call them ‘Ann Data’ who sacrifice their comfort and  food materials to all the citizens of the country...


Authored by:

Smriti Pathak

Designation: 4th Year B.Com LL.B Student at Banasthali vidyapeeth

Email ID: Sp3149421@gmail.com


Seventy Years of the Indian Constitution: Revising the Concept of Citizenship in Wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act 

Those who are born in India or whose grandparents are born in India are known as citizens of India and this is explained in Part II of Indian constitution of India under Article 5 to 11. The Indian legislation says this matter as ‘The Citizenship Act, 1955”.... 


Authored by:

Ranjit Kaur

Designation: Student at School of Law, Lovely Professional University

Email ID: Ranjitkaur0809@gmail.com

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Legalisation of Drugs: A Comparative Analysis With Other Countries

The present paper focuses on the legalization of drugs. There are different laws related to the use and possession of drugs in different countries. The overdose of drugs is always dangerous for life. That’s why society often sees drug use as an evil. It is also true that this is the main source of income for the government so many countries have legalized the use of drugs...


Authored by:

Anju Singhal

Designation: Advocate at Rajasthan High Court

Email ID: Dranjusinghal@gmail.com

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Female Foeticide

Sex selective abortions and increase in the number of female foeticide cases have become a significant social occurrence in most of the Indian States. It surpasses all castes, class and communities and even the area specific dichotomy. The girl children become target of attack even before they are born. Numerous scholars have observed that the latest advances in modern medical sciences – tests like Ultra-sonography...


Authored by:

Vimal Mahajan

Designation: Masters in Law

(Constitutional Laws)

Email ID: v26061995@gmail.com

Contact: +91-98155723**


Role of U.N. in Controlling the Imperialistic Tendencies of Globalisation

United Nations have played a significant role in the rapid expansion of globalization, despite being seen in a positive light it somehow possesses imperialistic tendencies. United Nations, again have to act far efficiently to prevent these global phenomena of globalization to change into neo-imperialism. This article will try to understand and analyze the relationship between globalization and imperialism while focusing... 


Authored by:

Jitendra Kumar

Student: B.A. LL.B (Hons.)

Symbiosis Law School, Pune 

Email ID: Jitendrakumar.slsp@gmail.com



Co-Authored by:

Jutirani Talukdar

Student: B.A. LL.B (Hons.)

Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Email ID: Jutirani.97@gmail.com


Critical Analysis on the Evidentiary Value of Retracted Statements

A confession made by an accused whilst in custody, either to the police or to the magistrate and later repudiated is known as a retracted confession. Confessions, whether retracted or not, are treated the same when it comes to their evidentiary value, they are used to bring about conviction when a few conditions are satisfied. This paper deals with the present issue by critically analysing the concept of retracted...