Volume 1 Issue 4


Authored by:

Mr. Aryan Birewar

B.A. LL.B (Hons.) Final Year Student 

Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Email ID: Aryansachinchnd@gmail.com


Constitutional Values and the Role of Media

The government does not want to control the content of TV channels. It respects the right to free speech and the expression of media.

This statement was given by Shri. Tushar Mehta, The Solicitor General of India, in the light of the Tablighi Jamaat news controversy in March 2020. 

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Authored by:

Ms. Dishna Wilson

B.A. LL.B (Hons.) 4th Year Student 

SRM Law School, Tamil Nadu

Email ID: Dish.wilson98@gmail.com


Analysis of Honour Killing in India

Are caste and religion still a problem in modern India? Looking upon the crimes, especially in the rural areas, the statistics prove that these factors affect the day-to-day life and personal choices of an individual till date. While crimes relating to these aspects still exist, the article will be focusing on a specific spine-chilling category, HONOUR KILLING...

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Authored by:

Ms. Kritika Malik

First Year Student 

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Email ID: ALkritikamalik@gmail.com


Vishaka and Others Vs. State of Rajasthan: A Case Commentary

The women’s rights movement can be traced back to English writer Mary Wollstonecraft’s essay titled ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’, in which she argues that “women are not naturally inferior to men, but rather lack education.” The essay affirms that women should have equal access to education. In 1911 the first International women’s day was celebrated which encouraged rallies for various issues including... 


Authored by:


B.A. LL.B 4th Year Student 

Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Email ID: 17010125250@synmlaw.ac.in

Contact: +91-9636302323


Life without Salomon

This study presents a quantitative assessment of Salomon case; a mythology has developed around the case that has resulted in the Salomon principle exercising an iron grip on company law. This research paper is an attempt to understand the causes and consequences of life without the Salomon case. 


Authored by:


B.A. LL.B 4th Year Student 

Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Email ID: 17010125250@synmlaw.ac.in

Contact: +91-9636302323


Suits by or against firms and persons carrying on their business in names other than their own

Order XXX of the code lays down detailed provisions governing suits filed by or against firms and persons carrying on business in names other than their own.  The article examines the scope of Order XXX, of The Civil Procedure and Limitation Act - II. The article thereafter discusses the Rules 1 to 10 which are laid down in Order XXX, of The Civil Procedure and Limitation Act - II... 


Authored by:

Ms. Kashvi Vachhani

B.A. LL.B Student at Gujarat National Law University

Email ID: Kashvivachhani24@gmail.com

Contact: +91-97695366**


Protection of Human Rights in a Digital Age: A Need to Overturn the Imminent Catastrophe

It would be needless to say that we are being tracked every moment we spend on the internet. It is even more needless to state that only a few of us are consciously aware that the data acquired from our activities on the web is a source of financial and political gain that private organizations and governments around the globe benefit from... 

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Authored by:

Mr. Vimal Mahajan


Email ID: v26061995@gmail.com

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Ninety-ninth Constitutional Amendment was declared unconstitutional by Supreme Court on the pretext that it violate the basic structure doctrine. National Judicial Appointment Commission (NJAC) was rejected in majority judgment and Collegium system was restored to ensure impartial appointment and elevation of the judges. NJAC compromised the judicial independence and it made subservient to executive... 

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Authored by:

Mr. ChandraShekhar

Ms. Aradhana Tripathi

Mr. Bhartendra Pratap Singh

Asst. Professor

City academy Law College, Lucknow 


Freedom of Speech and Expression: Absolute or Qualified - Analysis on the Basis of the Constitutional and Legal Scale

With the democratic setup, fundamental rights are like a compliment we need to understand this, the foundation of democracy lies in the opposition, in such a set up if opposition becomes blasphemy then it is definitely a threat to democracy. ‘Freedom of speech and expression’ is one of the most and basic right which can be granted to people and in any democratic society freedom of speech and expression is the basic right and also one of the most important right and it is....

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Authored by:

Ms. Saumya Shalini

Legal Associate 

Email ID: Saumi202@gmail.com

Contact: +91-970900****


Insanity of Mind: A Defence under Criminal Law 

Insanity of Mind is a legal concept, not a clinical one (medical one). This means that just suffering from a mental disorder is not sufficient to prove insanity. The defendant has the burden of proving the defence of insanity by a “preponderance of the evidence” which is similar to a civil case....


Authored by:

Dr. Niranjan Parida

Principal at Khordha Law College, Odisha 

Email ID: Parida1023@gmail.com

Contact: +91-9348704664


Corruption in Public Services with Special Reference to the Prevention of Corruption Act in Contemporary Scenario

Corruption is found to be one of the most damaging consequences of poor governance and poverty, classified by lack of efficiency, transparency and accountability. Corruption diminishes investment and suppresses economic growth and development and also reduces the effectiveness of public administration. It diverts the public resources towards corrupt politicians and officials and away from the needy and poor people...