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LawPublicus is a leading journal of multidisciplinary research. It is a free, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that provides insight into diverse and dynamic legal matters. We are focused on helping law students get their exclusive research articles published and an avenue to the budding-lawyers, academicians and scholars to make a contribution to the legal arena.


LawPublicus is a novel initiative by legal minds. As the name suggests, it is platform for young minds to ignite their willingness and inventiveness in order to contribute to the field of law through new ideas, opinions and thereby contributing to an informed citizenry.


Taking the example of our constitution (The Constitution of India), which in itself is a hybrid of law with various other social science aspects, LawPublicus is an attempt to analyse law and interdisciplinary approaches to law by drawing ideas from various domains like history, economics and social sciences. 


The forum is built up by legal minds from diverse fields of law under the oversight and encouragement of honoured legal fraternity.


We hope to provide a forum for young and enthusiastic writers to voice their feelings and research on interdisciplinary approaches. We also have in view to evaluate, explore and deliberate, under the tutelage of seasoned editors and academic experts, on current trends and projections based thereon in legal studies. LawPublicus focuses not only on the scholarly writings but also on numerous other approaches such as discussions, interviews, and debates with experts and qualified & industrial professionals. 


LawPublicus is a novel forum that intends to fit to and address the requirements of young law students, writers, and authors by providing them with a robust learning and interacting platform to facilitate law-related skills and to develop with continuing learning in the practical-side. 


We are determined and excited to bring authentic, creative and individual ideas and socially-related problems into attention.


We look forward to working with some visionary and exceptional minds inside the legal community.


LawPublicus calls for research papers, articles, short notes, book reviews & case commentaries, that are distinctive and unpublished.


Reach out to us at:




At LawPublicus, our team endeavours for the highest-standard and unique content by continually offering highly professional, conscientious and inventive content from this channel to the readers. The young and passionate team of legal-minds with legal experience work together to provide you with content of the highest-standard. 




LawPublicus’ target is to provide everybody open and free access to legal databases. Our objective is to provide our readers with a unique content that can save time of all, from budding lawyers to scholars, in legal fraternity. There are similar platforms but we conclude that quality over quantity matters and many of them are charging fees or subscriptions, but we are free-accessible platform, publishing content, exclusive and top-standard, to boost legal literacy and awareness.


We aim to provide a channel for voicing opinions on legal-related topics, thus generating a cross-section of ideas on emerging issues.


“You may not be immediately benefited with learning and knowledge, but one day you’ll for sure ”



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Nikhil Chawla



Nikhil Chawla is a legal professional with teaching and litigation experience presently serves as an associate lawyer with DKC & Company, Advocates and Solicitors, Delhi.


He graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, with a BALLB (H) Bachelor’s Degree. He obtained several other degrees, such as Post-Graduate Diplomas in IPR-Laws and ADR-Laws from Indian Law Institute, Delhi.


With over 2 years of experience covering a wide range of matters including but not limited to corporate-litigation, real-estate, civil, service, IBC, armed forces, arbitration, family, and consumer matters that fit well with his expertise in drafting and arguing, he has been appearing frequently in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, District Courts and various tribunals.


His various articles have been published with other esteemed and reputed law journals.

Shailender Popli



Shailender Popli is a legal practitioner enrolled with the Supreme Court Bar Association, practicing pan India. Currently practicing as an Independent Advocate before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, Hon’ble Tribunals and various District Courts of Delhi.


He has been registered with the Bar Council of India and Delhi Bar Council. He graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi with a BALLB (H) Bachelor’s Degree. 


He is pro-active and eminent in his sphere of representing clients in civil and criminal litigation and other legal proceedings. Apart from representing clients before courts, he is proficient in drawing up legal documents, and manages & advices clients on legal transactions.

Divya Sharma



Divya Sharma is a legal practitioner and a scholar from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. After completing her graduation in Law she undertook professional courses in the fields of human rights and policy making.


She has been dealing with civil and criminal matters and is well proficient in litigation, client advising and drafting legal documents.


Currently she is practicing in Delhi High Court and District Courts and is working on various research projects including but not limited to human rights, legal reforms and criminal law amendments .


Being an individual with intellectual indulgence she has been working closely with esteemed editorials, journals and newspapers.

Heena Jain



Heena Jain is a legal practitioner with litigation, content writing, and contract management expertise at an MNC. Currently working as an Associate Attorney, with United Lex, Gurugram, Haryana where her work profile includes providing Litigation Support Services (LSS) to USA and International Prosecution.


Prior to joining United Lex, she have had acquired experience in the field of IPR-Laws dealing with Patent Laws, Trademark Laws, Copyright Laws and Licensing matters.


She completed her post-graduate degree in Intellectual Property Rights from University Institute of legal Studies, Chandigarh University (UILS, Chandigarh University) and received her Bachelor degree from the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.





Yantakshikaa Sharma is an advocate based in Delhi. She pursued her integrated law graduation from the GGSIPU. Further went to get deeper knowledge into the Alternative Dispute Resolution field by following a master's degree from VIPS. During her law school career, she participated in moot courts and was considered meticulous in her work. also earned her micro masters degree in International Humanitarian Law from Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium.


She is perceptive and versed in arbitration law and civil law.  She has good knowledge in handling cases of real-estate, criminal, and mediation as well as legal drafting. She has acquired experience as an in-house counsel for a corporation handling a range of legal issues affecting the company, among them employment, policy, tax, intellectual property and regulatory matters. 


She has also presented Research Paper on  ‘Human Rights and Globalization ' and 'Challenges to MSME in India'.  



Advisory Board

Dr. Vijeta Verma

Assistant Professor JEMTEC

(Greater Noida)

Dr Vijeta verma currently working as an Assistant Professor in JEMTEC School of Law Greater Noida.


She is having 9 years of research experience in academics and interdisciplinary. She teaches a wide range of subjects which includes Family law, Constitutional law, law related to children and women, law of Crimes.


Dr Vijeta completed her bachelors in political science from Delhi University LLB from Meerut University LLM from Amity University, and PhD from Mewar University. She is also UGC NET qualified.

She has presented and participated in various national and international conference, seminar and workshop. She has convened many conferences and seminars.


Currently is an Associate Editor of Jims law journal. Her various articles and research papers are also published in reputed journals.



Dr. Amita Rathi

Associate Professor


(Greater Noida)

Dr. Amita Rathi is currently working as an Associate Professor at JEMTEC School of Law Greater Noida.


She is having 10 years of research experience in academics. She teaches a wide range of subjects which includes International Humanitarian Law, law of Contract, Jurisprudence, legal method, family law etc. 


She completed her Doctorate degree in Law from Jamia Millia Islamia itself in the year 2017. She has also qualified the UGC NET(JRF). She has completed her Masters in law from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. 

She has presented and participated in various national and international conference, seminar and workshops. Her various articles and research papers are also published in reputed journals.




Dr. Shishma Kushwaha

Assistant Professor


(Greater Noida)

Dr. Shishma Kushwaha is currently working as an Assistant Professor at JEMTEC School of Law Greater Noida.


She is having 12 years of research experience in academics and interdisciplinary. She teaches a wide range of subjects which includes Financial Management, Business Environment, Strategic Management, Financial Accounting etc. 


She has completed her Masters in commerce from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. Further she completed her Masters in Philosophy from Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai and later she completed her Doctorate degree in commerce from Maharishi Dayanand University itself in the year 2013. She has also qualified the UGC NET.


She has presented and participated in various national and international conference, seminar and workshops.


Currently, she is also guiding a PhD research scholar at Amity University, Noida. Her various articles and research papers are also published in reputed journals.



Dr. Payal JAin

Sr. Assistant Professor


(East Delhi)

Dr. Payal Jain, Sr. Assistant Professor- Law, has been awarded her Doctoral Degree from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi.


She is having 10 years of research experience in interdisciplinary and academic. 


she Completed her Master’s Degree in IPR from GGSIPU, Delhi (2008) and cleared her UGC-NET exam, also she completed PGDPM (2 years) from NIPM. Competed her bachelor degree B.COM (H) from University of Delhi in 2003.


She presented and participated in various national and international conferences, seminar and workshops. Her various articles and research papers are also published in reputed Journals and Books like Indian Bar Review, Lexis Nexis publication, NLU, Delhi. 

Email ID -


Adv. Raghav Parwatiyar

Access Legal Group

Law Offices

(New Delhi)

Advocate Raghav Parwatiyar in Delhi having standing practise and experience at Bar of more than a Decade. 

Currently a memeber of Access Legal group (Law Offices) New Delhi.

He specializes in matters including but not limited to ADRs, Employment & Conveyancing, Banking & Insolvency, IPRs matters.  

Email ID -






27th Oct 2020

Center lifts the bar on land transfer in Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir to citizens outside state



30th Oct 2020

Anatomization of 20 Years Journey of Information Technology Act 2000

in India

Deobrat S. Gaur

29th Oct 2020

Trial court’s order directing Venugopal Dhoot to pay interim compensation stayed by Bombay HC



22nd Oct 2020

Plea in SC seeking uniform age of marriage for men and women



11th Oct 2020

Raison D'être of Patent and Its Role in Expansion of Technology

Sonal Gupta & Sidhant Singh



A Critical Study on Legality of Polygraph Test

Meenakshi Popli

National Education Policy 2020: Evolution and Re-structuring of Public Policy on Education

Swati Sharma





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